Conrad Ludgate

Async Iterators 2

Some more examples of async iterators

Async Iterators

There's some discussion resurfacing about async-iterators. What is the simplest design?

Broke But Quick 4

The start of durable queues

Broke But Quick 3

Consuming messages from the queues

Broke But Quick 2

Now that I have connections and streams working, we need to publish the messages

Broke But Quick

I wanted to learn more about QUIC, so I am writing a message broker?

Stack vs Heap

Is str stored on the stack or the heap? Does it matter?

async let - A new concurrency primitve?

This is an exploration post into a new language feature design I've been thinking about

Stacked Futures and why they are impossible

This is a part of my series where I explore async rust in depth. This article explores why stack spawned futures are fundamentally unsound

Macro Patterns - A match made in heaven

This is part 1 in my series where I talk about macro design patterns. This one is about overusing match statements

Let's talk about this async

This is a deep dive into the land of async rust. Get a drink, grab a snack, because this is going to be a long one

Fast AF Fourier Transform (FafFT)

I recently saw these two videos about the discrete fourier transform (DFT) and discovering the fast fourier transform (FFT) and I got re-inspired to experiment with the FFT algorithm again.

Dynamic Stylesheets and Yew

I recently discovered a really cool front-end framework written in Rust called Yew.